This animation film explains how EFMS helps achieve the goals of SBM.

  • 7/26/2017
  • Categories: Video, Rajasthan, Behavior Change Communication
  • Author: SS_RAJASTHAN_Nagaur_1

Rajasthan government transfers SBM an incentive of INR 12,000 directly to the bank accounts of the households rather than engaging a third-party service provider for construction of toilets. This ensures decision making at the level of user and has a number of advantages. First, the users construct toilets as per their preference, in terms of size of room and material for construction, which enhances chances of usage. Second, users often invest their resources too to construct better toilets, often with bathrooms. Third, users engage a service provider of their choice, which ensures better ownership of users, as service providers would treat users – than a government officer – as their client. Fourth, users are more satisfied with quality and there is less scope to complain against someone else regarding the quality of construction. To make direct cash transfer effective, the government has to invest more on behavior change communication in order to convince people to prioritize toilet construction. Rajasthan government has also put in efforts to develop a transparent and accountable system of direct cash transfer by introducing Electronic Fund Management System (EFMS). This animation film explains how EFMS helps achieve the goals of SBM.